Damnit Subaru!!

Look I know I’d already given up on Subaru actually making anything cool ever again, but now they are just taking the piss. Subaru and…
Shaun Sumaru
January 23, 2019


Turns out BMW do care, after all!! I was getting worried that after all this time with the likes of Mercedes, Aston Martin and the…
Shaun Sumaru
January 9, 2019

Up in Smoke Tour

So a well-known YouTuber (seriously a what?) Salomondrin, who recently took delivery of he’s McLaren Senna HyperCar (under a week ago) has had it “spontaneously…
Shaun Sumaru
January 7, 2019

Investor Pressure

Investors totally wreck EVERYTHING, now that Sergio is dead over at Ferrari and some new dude is in, everyone all of a sudden has courage…
Shaun Sumaru
September 21, 2018

No Thunder Down Under

Oh, look Subaru North America is getting another cool WRX Sti variant that we’ll never see! Seriously Subaru we were the first Market globally to…
Shaun Sumaru
September 20, 2018

2020 A Manual Odyssey is reporting that they have some inside gossip about the forthcoming 992 Porsche GT3. They have stated that it will still feature a Naturally…
Shaun Sumaru
September 19, 2018


The evolution of a brand is an amazing thing, I have previously doubted HSV’ direction but honestly having just left a guided factory tour I…
Shaun Sumaru
September 18, 2018

Zed not Dead

Get excited you JDM fanboys and girls, because Nissan’s Chief Design person has confirmed that the beloved Zed (or Zee) is not dead yet and…
Shaun Sumaru
September 10, 2018