Who Needs 4WD?

I feel that this is a valid question, “Who actually NEEDS Four Wheel Drive?” I mean honestly 97.8% of all Brand New vehicles are sold…
Shaun Sumaru
August 14, 2018

The Second Coming?!!

HOLD UP! After Ford Motor Company literally counted down the hours to kill everyone's favourite Aussie built Ford product the Falcon Ute, I wake up…
Shaun Sumaru
August 11, 2018

Toyota Trio

As we sit here wondering how wonderfully great or devastatingly terrible the New Supra will be, Toyota’s Chief Engineer has let slip that Toyota will,…
Shaun Sumaru
August 7, 2018

Nismo Leaf Blowers

This feels like a non-event and a bit of a fall from grace for the brilliant minds at NISMO. For an organisation that could literally…
Shaun Sumaru
August 2, 2018