If you’ve been paying any attention to the motoring landscape you will have seen the big mover and shaker. Tesla. There are those who hate them, love them and those who remain impartial on the topic. I am firmly in the love them camp having followed their journey since the Model S launched. Having ridden in the vehicle a few times and loving it I thought it was high time I took it for a test drive.

I book in to drive directly through the web form (here) and was called back within an hour or so to pick a slot. That next weekend was available at their
Cremorne, Melbourne yard a dealership. Upon arrival, I could choose If I wanted to take their Model S, the requested car or Model X, their crazy expensive SUV (150K+).

The Model X lineup goes like this:
75D, with 490KM of range and a 4.4 second 0-100 time.
100D, with 632 KM of range and a 4.3 second 0-100 time.
P100D, the performance variant with 613 KM of range and an insane 2.7 second 0-100 time.

Just to give you performance benchmark a new $483,866, Lambo Hurac├ín Performante can take you from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds. So at least in a straight line drag race, the Tesla will smoke the Lambo. That being said it’s not a fair comparison due to the stark differences, in well, everything.

To my delight, I was presented with a fully specced out Deep Blue Metallic P100D ready for the drive. As a relative novice to the performance car, I was astounded at how relaxed the sales staff were with me getting the most out of this $265,000 vehicle.

Pulling silently onto the highway the “ludicrous mode” engaged the cars 2.7 second 0-100 time was abundantly clear as the car surged viscously and silently forward. After a quick demo of the super simple autopilot mode, we drove through the suburban streets of Richmond to see how it reacted at slower speeds.

The car was a pleasure to drive but at the 265K price tag, it has some stiff competition in the performance segment. Personally I very much look forward to the Model 3 which will compete more in the luxury segment dominated by BMW and Mercedes-Benz and at a much lower price point.

Go check it out or have a play around online and build your own Model X here.

Thomas Szmidel

Thomas Szmidel

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