The Camaro is trying to be everything to everybody and totally missed the mark and as a result is failing epically in direct comparison to the smash hit that is Ford’s Mustang!


Where the Mustang released a price-conscious handsome coupe with loads of character and is certainly not perfect vehicle to the world with a decent price range, the Team at Chev have insisted that it needs to be the best of the best in everything facet and flunked at everything.


Now the Engineers of the latest gen Camaro are saying that they have the formula sorted, but it’s almost too little too late the “Stang” already has miles and miles of a head start, in building a loved image, and too be honest that’s exactly what everyone wants from it’s Muscle Car. They want it to look cool and be decent, not perfect!


I hope the Chev Team can really pull this together and get in the game, and need to realise the Done is way better than Perfect…Though I’d be even happier if Dodge just sent the Challenger in all of it’s variations to all parts of the Globe!

Shaun Sumaru

Shaun Sumaru

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