The evolution of a brand is an amazing thing, I have previously doubted HSV’ direction but honestly having just left a guided factory tour I can certainly appreciate the level that they play in and the work involved in each one of their offerings.

I mean the facility is HUGE and the process these Camaro’s and Silverados go through is nothing short of a complete rebuild from the ground up with many many custom parts produced at a factory level (if not higher, in some instances).

The whole but HSV need to make things faster with way more power is 100% the reason we loved the brand, but talking to the team, they would all still love to dump an LS9 straight into a Colorado tomorrow but this is a long-term play with a bunch of triggers and levers placed strategically for the long term.

So I guess what we are looking at is a household name starting from the bottom again and re-building while trying to keep the heritage and ethos locked down, but at least they know where they came from and what they need to do to survive and will undoubtedly raise out of this period bigger, better stronger.

Now I just need to wait for them to explore the Cadillac product line and I’ll be right about the future again!! #HSVCADDY

Shaun Sumaru

Shaun Sumaru

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