Get excited you JDM fanboys and girls, because Nissan’s Chief Design person has confirmed that the beloved Zed (or Zee) is not dead yet and an all NEW hero in the works!

As everyone’s favourite “Datto” is turning 50 in October 2019 and it seems like the factory is gunning to have a close to production concept ready for this period. It’ll likely be the same Front engined Rear wheels driven format that we are used to but I am kind of hoping that there may be a tad element of the future with either a funky Hybrid system or a full EV set up to help usher Nissan and it’s performance heritage into the Future.

I’ll be following this one carefully as I am a huge Zed fan and am utterly stoked that Nissan hasn’t knifed all of us Zed-Heads and killed the moniker again.

Shaun Sumaru

Shaun Sumaru

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