Stripped out road race cars for the masses! Well kind of, more like the cashed-up masses! The McLaren team down in Woking UK, have teased more of their latest concoction, which based on some intel and general internet rumour mill is going to be a Track focused version of their entry level 570 series super sports car.

McLaren, have always done a great job of hyping up admirers and with their first tease showing the back of the 570 with no exhaust pipes had everyone losing their minds thinking that there was a complete Electric Vehicle Supercar about to drop, but in a cruel, yet awesome twist turned out to be, that the vehicle will most definitely be featuring a combustion engine, considering those exhaust pipes now exit via the rear deck lid!!!

So thank you, McLaren, for giving people what they want…not actual Electric Vehicles but a far more impressive way to vent harmful gases directly to the atmosphere! #FossilFuels #YumYum

But I’ll be watching the reveal which is slated for July 12th, with eager eyes because they have just been pumping out chunks of amazing lately and I’m sure this will not disappoint.

Shaun Sumaru

Shaun Sumaru

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