Camaro too Fancy

The Camaro is trying to be everything to everybody and totally missed the mark and as a result is failing epically in direct comparison to…
Shaun Sumaru
September 6, 2018


Say it isn't so Porsche?! Have you finally managed to screw up the ETERNALLY loved 911? If the latest spy shots of the Two test…
Shaun Sumaru
September 5, 2018

Petrol and Eggs

Well looks like some of the most revered Hypercars are looking to stay guzzling gasoline (or some kind of alternate fuel) for many years still…
Shaun Sumaru
August 30, 2018

1000HP for $100k

Given the absolutely INSANE dollars people are asking for R34 GT-R’s and some Supra’s these days it’s hard to think of a way for an…
Shaun Sumaru
August 27, 2018