Raptor World Tour

So looks as though the Ranger Raptor, our homegrown version of a proper Pick-Up is going global and this is definitely a good thing, but…
Shaun Sumaru
August 24, 2018

RIP Sir Manual

It’s sad, sad day, but unfortunately, one that we all knew was coming, the death of the Manual. Audi has officially come out to say…
Shaun Sumaru
August 23, 2018

Blue is not News

Making a one-off Blue car is not News Ford! Even though it is the ONLY Blue Bullitt Mustang that will officially exist, and that all…
Shaun Sumaru
August 22, 2018

The Road to Nowhere

You know what’s more fun, aside from the world making more and more SUVs with phenomenal Off-Road capabilities that will never actually make it off…
Shaun Sumaru
August 16, 2018

Who Needs 4WD?

I feel that this is a valid question, “Who actually NEEDS Four Wheel Drive?” I mean honestly 97.8% of all Brand New vehicles are sold…
Shaun Sumaru
August 14, 2018