is reporting that they have some inside gossip about the forthcoming 992 Porsche GT3. They have stated that it will still feature a Naturally Aspirated Flat Six and as an absolute bonus that I don’t feel anyone would’ve expected, they say the MANUAL tranny will still be an option!!

Which is great, but I can’t help but feel slightly bad for all of those people who purchased (991) 911 R’s thinking it was going to be the swansong for the legendary Engine and Three Pedal combination, “HECK!” I Feel even worse for those who then went and parted with over sticker for one Used just to ensure they had one, but then to find out that it just so happens Porsche love the Manual as much as their customers do and apparently don’t plan on it going anywhere just yet!

So if you have purchased a 911 R purely for an investment gain, I am sorry but honestly, you should’ve just bought an Audi R8 V10 in a manual because it’ll certainly start to appreciate a lot faster then your not so special Porker! #SOZ

Shaun Sumaru

Shaun Sumaru

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