Say it isn’t so Porsche?! Have you finally managed to screw up the ETERNALLY loved 911? If the latest spy shots of the Two test vehicles are anything to cast judgment by then “Yes”, yes they have.

And it’s not the fact the spied 992, has the optional rear wiper fitted, it’s more a case of that ugly ass front with louvres. Seriously, louvres what the heck is going on there!! Also really not digging the overly square front, it’s a 911, not a Testarossa, and I’m sure there are “performance” improvements with the design and styling but: Do 911’s need to get any Faster, or should they just be Better to Drive??

I personally have no issues with the interior being based around that of the Cayenne and Panamera as reports have also claimed, so long as it doesn’t look as though they have literally just “squished” the dash in there!

One thing is for certain though and it’s that Porsche have not yet ever let down it’s LEGION of followers and die-hards when it comes to the 911 heck even the 996 is okay looking these days and that thing copped serious heat at launch), so I take that one ounce of saving grace with me that these are just some super early Development vehicles and that the real design is somewhere cooking in the design kitchen and will blow minds as per usual!

Shaun Sumaru

Shaun Sumaru

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