Okay so firstly stupid name, Porsche should’ve just stuck with Mission E or resorted to their usual and loved numeric theme, but “no” apparently we are still infatuated with naming cars after animals, especially horses, thus Taycan (“Lively Young Horse”) is now going to be a thing!

But I feel the real issue is that EVERYBODY is going to mispronounce Taycan, as some kind of hybrid or endorsement deal between Taylor Swift and a canned TUNA company resulting in TAY-CAN as opposed to the apparent correct way which is TIE-CON. Look, I ain’t no linguistic genius however, I feel if you have a name that you need to keep correcting people about every Three seconds, it would get awfully annoying regardless of how amazing the actual vehicle is, just ask anybody named Seamus (Shay-muss).

Aside from the odd name, it’s still the Porsche Mission E we all know and love, and I am still excited to see it hit showrooms and to wrangle my way behind the wheel to experience the “Lively Young Horse” for myself.

Shaun Sumaru

Shaun Sumaru

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