The very German and not very creative name “Porsche Charging Service” app has just launched ahead of the Taycans release. The core idea behind the app is to centralise where EV chargers are and allow smooth payments through QR scanning at the charger.

It makes me ask “but why”, why is this not baked into the car? If it is and this is simply a bonus then all the better but it seems odd to launch it before the car if that’s the case. Most EV’s can perform GPS routing based on where chargers are so as to predict depletion. You know, so you don’t run out of juice.

The payment flow is pretty messy as well, QR’s are subject to a bunch of issues. Not enough light, damaged or dirty QR, wrong camera angel – it does not work. Why not integrate the car’s ID into the charger port like some other manufacturers? Seems silly to have to ID yourself when your car is always linked to you (Not that many will likely rent Taycans).

Porsche exec Detlev von Platen told the press that:

“In addition to fascinating vehicles, building a customer-friendly charging infrastructure is the key to achieving long-term success for electromobility. With the Porsche Charging Service, we are offering our customers a central digital platform that simplifies every aspect of the charging process. As a result, it is even easier to integrate charging into everyday life.”

Perhaps its a little utopian of me but I really hope we can all agree on a charging standard so I don’t have to carry around 45 charging adapters in my boot!

Thomas Szmidel

Thomas Szmidel

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