Dear Porsche thank you for being so epically BADASS it legit makes me feel giddy inside! So them crazies from down at Porsche have rolled out the wonderfully wacky again and this time it’s designed to get DIRTY!.

Those of us who get excited about Porsches non-SUV range all fell instantly in love with the Cayman GT-4 which was designed to sit neatly under it’s GT-3 as an affordable (read slightly more affordable) Racer for the streets, and now they have gone and given us a concept version to be used as a Rally vehicle!! That’s completely amazing because Porsche actually have a long history of making mind blowing Rally Cars and these totally fit the bill for what a resurrected version could look like.

With it’s Four light hood pod housing powerful LED lights and a roof scoop that looks like it is straight off a Formula One car, plus a whole bunch of under body protection to keep all the vitals safe, means that they havent had to switch out anything to complex if they decided to make these a reality.

So stay tuned as, it looks like all my Porsche Rally driver fantasies may be coming true! #SegaRallyforLife

Shaun Sumaru

Shaun Sumaru

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