Many Many Years ago I had the pleasure of working at MINI back when they had first launched and were producing what was essentially the spiritual successor to the original BMC version that had originally been released back 1959 as the Britain’s answer to the Mass Motoring, which went on to become a cult classic in over 100 countries globally, in fact you’d be hard pressed finding someone in a relatively developed Nation who couldn’t identify the MINI’s boxy silhouette.

Back then BMW Group had taken steps to ensure that the re-invigorated MINI was everything that everyone had hoped it would be, though at a much higher, aspirational price point versus the original, and it worked for the first Two generations, till…Things started to get interesting (read messed up).

Now in 2018 we currently have the ability to select from the MNI 3 Door/ MINI 5 Door/ MINI JCW/ MINI Convertible/ MINI Clubman and the NOT SO MINI, MINI Countryman. I mean really do we need such a line-up of MINI’s and do we really need One that hauls my whole family and the dogs, surely there are other Brands I could consider to fill these needs in my life outside of the MINI brand, hell I could even look at a freakin BMW which now shares a lot more components then it ever has with the “Funky” sub-brand.

Maybe I’m getting Old and feel that some things should be respected and you can’t make a MINI fit every lifestyle. Or perhaps I just don’t see why One of the world’s most iconic Automobiles needs to be pimped out to please the stakeholders…

Shaun Sumaru

Shaun Sumaru

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  • Richie Anker says:

    yeah its an interesting point, probably trying to cash in on what they think the market wants as in ppl loyal to the brand?

    • Shaun Sumaru Shaun Sumaru says:

      I get it to a degree, though I hardly doubt Die Hard MINI fans want a BIGGER MINI, and at this rate of size growth, they start to alienate those that actually do care that much about the brand, surely NO ONE wants a MINI X5???

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