Oh, look Subaru North America is getting another cool WRX Sti variant that we’ll never see! Seriously Subaru we were the first Market globally to make the Impreza WRX a success WAY back in 1994 and went on to smash sales records for the next 11 years!! But apparently, that wasn’t enough to continue to get cool cars that people may actually buy.

Anyway I digress as per usual, those lovable “yanks” are getting a batch of 500 specific North American WRX STi Type RA’s rock a massive FIVE extra horsepowers, but that is at least an attempt at being somewhat performance oriented compared to the usual “Sticker Specials” that most Japanese manufacturers usually dish up (Looking at you Toyota!). But the actual tasty bits are the adjustable Carbon GT style wing, Bilstein shocks, Rice Approved 19” BBS rims in Gold of course and more notably a Carbon Roof which is designed to reduce weight and the centre of gravity, which does feel very special, especially when telling your mates why you dropped $50k USD on the same car you had when you were 18!!

So there you go, Merica gets a Type RA with more power and less weight, and we get our usual #POTATOES Thanks Subaru Australia!!

Shaun Sumaru

Shaun Sumaru

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