Oh, here it is baby!! The car that the world has been begging for since the release of the Toy-Baru 86, Six years ago back in 2012, a factory TRD version!!

This is exactly what I thought when I saw the headline and associated cover photo. Only to discover that not only did we not get a Turbo or any more power, but in fact, North America (hell we didn’t even get this disappointment machine) got the usual batch of spoilers and wait for it…Bigger Brakes!! Which means now you can slow your vastly unpowered car even faster!!!

And look maybe I am not the motoring enthusiast they are targeting with this enthusiast model (because out of all the grandmas that drive these things, and there are a TON of them, not one of them is hoping for a sick body kit, stickers and bigger brakes, either!). But it’s all about playing it safe, especially with the new Supra on the horizon, you’d hate for them to actually make a decently powerful 86 and take the exact same buyers out of the market for their latest baby, right?

And look, what I think annoys me most about this little TRD’d 86 is the fact that it comes plastered with TRD decals and badging so you could’ve, would’ve thought that maybe someone at the friggin factory could’ve added at least Five more kilowatts right, am I asking too much?? But at the end of the day it serves me right for getting excited about another lame Toyota, you’d think I’d be broken enough to expect lame and to be actually thrilled when it isn’t, but I just keep expecting them to pull out of this nosedive of drab and give us something with a tad more LIFE!


Shaun Sumaru

Shaun Sumaru

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