You know what’s more fun, aside from the world making more and more SUVs with phenomenal Off-Road capabilities that will never actually make it off sealed roads? 4×4 Light Trucks that come from the factory with ALL the Hardcore Off-Roading gear that will likely find them themselves helping inner-city Tradies depreciate on Tax and helping them feel slightly more Macho!

So if you’re not up with the latest happenings in the Light Utility space, let me bring you up to speed, real quick. So along with the very apparent and discussed rise of the SUV comes the Raise and Raise of Four Door half size utility trucks with 4×4, now this segment was always a niche catering for those who lived on the Land or out in the bush and were seen as a tool much like a Hammer, and a necessity of particular occupations. But now they are leather-clad, Tech gizmo’d, latte-sipping wannabe Indiana Jones wishing types vehicle of choice, and as a by-product of this softening of the traditional truck comes an all-new trend…The factory fitted OFF-ROAD EXPLORER EDITIONS, with matching stupids names.

Toyota was the cab of the rank and gave us the Hilux Rouge, Rugged and my personal favourite the Rugged X, because the “X” made it some much more EXTREME! Nissan has also been rocking the whole N-Sport and N-Trek thing but no one ever really noticed but now Holden has also released it takes on this niche crowd with the launch of the, wait for it….Colorado Z71 Xtreme!!! I don’t think I would care if these horribly named creations actually came with anything but cosmetics, like shocks and diff locks as they do in some other markets. But here in the tough Australian terrain, we get a small light bar, a luggage rack and a skid plate, which I’m guessing in made out of the small gauge aluminium that you find cans made out of!

So if this vehicle sounds like you, “All Tacky Add-Ons, and Zero Performance” then rush on down to your local dealer before they fly out the door, presumably to someone you know from your Crossfit club. #DoYouEvenLiftBro

Shaun Sumaru

Shaun Sumaru

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